Sunday at Kaleidoscope Corner we learned...

K-1 Graders

The kids learned about Giving and Receiving Hospitality through the use of Food today. They were reminded that hospitality starts with how we treat people in our lives. Whether they are visiting our home, church, school we provide hospitality through our words and what we may offer them. The lesson included creating cookies for Coffee Hour for our family, friends and today, our guests. We spoke about the story of Abraham and Sarah's hospitality to the angels in Genesis 18:115.

2-3rd Graders

The kids learned about Giving and Receiving Hospitality through the use of Computers and Video today.  They were reminded that computers and video can provide us with information, but faith is formed best in personal relationships when people talk to and help each other.  During the workshop, the children watched the "Be our Guest" scene from the Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" as an example of people giving hospitality.  Then, the children made their own videos to demonstrate ways of giving and receiving hospitality that they see in their families and day-to-day lives.  The children read Genesis 18: versus 1-8 which discusses the Lord appearing to Abraham while Abraham was camped near the oak grove belonging to Mamre.  Abraham invited three men to stop, take a rest, eat some food and have their feet washed by Abraham's servants.  We discussed how Abraham demonstrated hospitality to these men through his actions.

4-6th Graders

The kids learned about Giving and Receiving Hospitality using artwork today. Art is one the healthiest ways to express our emotions. It is also a traditional way of communicating sacred stories. When few people could read the scriptures, they learned the stories of faith in stained glass windows, statues and paintings. The children took a look at the church service and noted the individuals who contribute to the success of the service including the Greeters, the Ushers, the Readers, the Choir Director, etc. The children made cards to say "thank you for giving hospitality" to these resources. The cards will be mailed out to the recipients. We encourage you to offer a prayer of thanks with your children for all those who make us feel welcome, especially God who is always welcoming us.



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